The land doesn’t matter to our ‘leaders’. Sell it. Sell the land, the minerals, the gas, the forests, the cows (or murder them because they fart), kill the bees with pesticides, abuse the rights and reason of the people. It’s time for us to do their work. We need to govern ourselves, and awaken our sovereign selves in the face of the folly that has overtaken this land. I say bring on the Brehon Laws. Invoke the Tuatha Dé Danaan. Get on with our own thing and ignore the Dáil, which no longer serves us. Be poetic, be creative, build our own world, climb mountains, sail to other lands and return peacefully.

silhouette of ship on sea during sunset
There was once a Fisher King who, in battle,  was emasculated and rendered infertile. So that his entire Kingdom fell to ruin, becoming arid and sterile. He lost sovereignty over the land, and wearily waited for the Knight Percival to unlock the key to restoring the Wasteland to the flourishing land it once was. The question that would unlock his return to health was “What ails thee?” But Parcival, being overprotected by his mother, stopped short to ask the question, having been told by her that it was bad manners to ask a stranger questions. And so, he lost his chance on his visit to the Grail Castle to bring the Kingdom back to health. He spent many years on a quest to find the Grail, to restore the Fisher King’s lands to fertility and abundance.

The government of this land came into being to serve the people, and many lives were sacrificed to that end. When it dictates everything from using seatbelts ( an early legislation that foreshadowed the full blown nanny state that was to come) to, in recent years, when we can dance, gather, play music, enter a pub or restaurant, how far we can travel from our home, what medicines we put in our bodies, when we can visit our dying dear ones, attend funerals, births, weddings, when they dictate every detail of our personal lives, it is time to realise that we are living under a ‘benign’ dictatorship. A smothering nanny, if only she was not so sinister. The beast itself is not so benign, as some of us have gathered.

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You could attend the Saoirse Arts ‘Tuatha Dé Dannan Arts Festival’ in Cork, on 27-29 May. Book early and tell all your friends

Tuatha Dé Danann will be a relaxing summer Féile gathering to celebrate and re-generate Irish culture, spirit, community, music and arts. The weekend festivities will be in Cork and the exact venue & location will be sent to ticket holders the week of the event. What we can say now is that the venue is on a beautiful site with plenty of outdoor spaces and land. You are very welcome, and so is your Granny.