A beautiful day spent studying the form of Haiku, through nature and meditation. 10am-4pm. Option to order lunch from the wonderful Gato Nero Cafe nearby and have it in the garden.

The venue is the beautiful Macha Yoga Studio on the Florence Road, Bray.

Studying the work of Basho and other Haiku poets – we find our own voice in Haiku and create unforgettable moments within seventeen syllables. Haiku is a brilliant way to improve your writing practice.

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Bookings: letters@siofraodonovan.com

Cost: 65 Euro

Grasses in summer.

The warriors’ dreams

All that’s left.

(Matsuo Basho)

Facilitator is co-founder of the Irish Haiku Society of Ireland with Anatoly Kudryavitsky, writer and poet.
She is a published author, blogger and journalist and has been teaching Writing Workshops for over fifteen years.