Síofra O’Donovan

Author, Writing Coach, Writing Workshop facilitator, Journalist

I’m Síofra O’Donovan. Writing stories since I was nine. My novel ‘Malinski’ came out of years in Poland and the incessant nudge from old spirits, (Yes, I wrote a book about two old estranged brothers in my late twenties, when every other Irish author of my sex and age was writing chicklit. I’ve always done what I am called to do!)  to write their story of betrayal and loss and distorted memory during world war two and the communist years. Life took me to India then, my true home: sent my my Tibetan lama teacher to learn Tibetan, I fell upon the greatest adventures, meeting Himalayan royalty, double agent spies, poets, refugees, nomads, oracles and of course lamas. This became the material for my second book, “Pema and the Yak”, published by Pilgrims Books in 2006, and now republished in a new version by Amazon Kindle as “Lost in Shambhala”. Now I’m writing, since my son was born, fantasy fiction for middle grade and I just love it. Its my thing. I love faery tales and other worlds. I also give scintillating writing workshops that are guaranteed to slap you out of your writer’s block.

‘Audacious … O’Donovan’s debut is compelling and full of promise.’  – Irish Independent

‘The language of the novel is porcelain, eerie and crystal. One feels that each word is an exact choice. At the heart of this novel are the great human themes: love, betrayal, hatred, blame, and memory. O’Donovan gets under the skin of her characters and they are sensitively and acutely portrayed. It is refreshing to see such a fine Irish novel take the stage from this side of the Irish Sea.’  – Sunday Business Post