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It’s none of their business that you have to learn to write. Let them think you were born that way.


-Ernest Hemingway

M y writing workshops are different. They are not think tanks of critisism and competition, but crucibles of creativity where great ideas could, and have been born. I aim to awaken creativity in people. Not everyone is a born writer, but everyone is creative and there is a chance that creativity can flow through words in the right enviornment, using  paper and pen. This is what I provide. A safe, intensely creative space. I use a method I developed called Creative Meditation to break down the barriers between the concsious and the subconsious mind. This serves not only to relax the participant, but to help them elicit the most urgent and vibrant messages from their imagination and their memory banks.

You see, all the stories are there, waiting to be excavated, as Stephen King puts it in ‘On Writing’. Hidden fossils. So if you’re ready to take an exciting adventure, come to my writing workshops. Writing is a powerful act. It is the act of tracking our own concsiousness. Sometimes, incredible things happen. Often they don’t, but we at least get to see what our innermost urgings are. My Pencraft Writing Workshops help the writer to hone their skill, and forge the raw material they have into prose that works, that has their own voice embedded in it. And the rest is the continual polishing of the nuts and bolts, so that the surface shines and the reader falls into, unquestioningly, as John Gardner puts it ‘the continuous dream’.

Contact me for Writing Consultancy, Writing Workshop facilitation, Editing and Proofreading. Rates apply. 


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